ISO CLA High Potency Softgels 1000 mg Per Capsule Non-GMO Weight Loss & Exercise Enhancement Supplement, 108 Servings


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NOT ALL CLA'S ARE EQUAL! You will need only 1 softgel to get 1000 mg Non GMO Safflower Oil Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Whereas some brands may mislead you with numbers in the name that have no bearing on the potency OR you have to take multiple pills to reach the potency that is advertised. With ISO CLA you know what you're getting from a company with a reputation for high quality products! HEART HEALTHY -The ISO CLA supplement works with your body to increase natural metabolic rates and build and retain lean muscle mass, leading to loss of fat. Conjugated linoleic acid is essential for heart health as it increases blood flow through vasodilation and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis by maintaining open arteries. IDEAL FOR VEGETARIANS & VEGANS Or Those Cutting Back on Red Meat CLA is naturally occurring in red meat and dairy products. For those who choose not to eat red meat or dairy - or whom are simply cutting back, CLA will help you reach your weight loss or lean body mass goals. LEAN MUSCLE BUILDING As this supplement helps to lower insulin resistance, it increases sensitivity to the nutrients of food. This means that the body is able to shuttle glucose into muscles resulting in the growth and differentiation of cells, which leads to increased muscle mass. This will lead to shorten recovery time post-workout. You can feel stronger and more fit taking this CLA supplement TO MAXIMIZE RESULTS Consider stacking ISO CLA with ISO FISH OIL dietary supplement. Also try the Isolator Fitness Fat Burners - ISO EUPHORIC BURNTM DAYTIME THERMOGENIC FAT BURNER & ISO NIGHT TONERTM FAT BURNER/SLEEP AID and ISO PUMP+FOCUSTM and ISO EPIC ENERGYTM pre-workouts to round out your total fitness plan. All Made in the USA


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