GoldynGlow DETOX - Organic Turmeric Superfood Blend with Dandelion. Golden Milk Elixir Helps with Natural Weight Loss. Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Vegan - Gluten-Free Adaptogen


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Product Description

100% ORGANIC TURMERIC SUPERFOOD BLEND: a mix of turmeric, healing spices and superfoods. This innovative mix updates the ancient Ayurvedic golden milk recipe with the addition of organic dandelion root, a potent liver cleanser, plus detoxifying clove and cayenne to kick your wellness into high gear. , PALEO, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, NO REFINED SUGAR ADDED! ALL NATURAL VERSATILE BLEND: Detox is ready to mix with your milk of choice for an easy, healing beverage, but it's also incredibly versatile - so think outside the mug! We love adding a teaspoon to our morning cup of hot lemon water for an easy detox tonic, as well as to our nightly tea with apple cider vinegar (a savior when you've just had a big, heavy meal!). Its spicy flavor also makes it a perfect way to enhance everything from fish and poultry marinades to scrambled eggs. FLAVOR PROFILE: Detox is our spiciest blend, with an invigorating kick from cloves, cayenne, black pepper and ginger. We use only a touch of organic coconut sugar (less than 1 gram per serving), so add a touch of honey, agave or stevia if you prefer it sweeter. PRODUCT BENEFITS: Potent Anti-inflammatory and Anti Oxidant. The ingredients may FIGHT inflammation; SUPPORT joint & muscle health, natural weight loss; BOOST immunity, detoxification, cognitive function; PROMOTE mood balance & radiant skin*


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